Vetting & Quality

At Capital People we take particular care in how we recruit our staff.

Assessment & training is also at the heart of our operations so that we can ensure that our clients get high quality, legal, skilled staff.

Our procedure

1. When a potential member of staff comes to our office, they will automatically be asked to prove that they are legally entitled to work in the UK, even before they fill in their application. We will then take a copy of their passport and any relevant work permit and/or student documentation. This is then kept on file for our clients to see at any time. If they cannot speak English at interview, their application will not be pursued.

2. They will be interviewed and asked to explain their previous working history. If they have previous waiting service experience, they will be taken to our silver service training centre to evaluate their skill levels.

3. References and a copy of other documentation any relevant certificates will also be taken and kept on file.

4. If the candidate does not have the level of skill required they will be trained in one of the following ways:

At our bar/restaurant if they are food and beverage or kitchen staff.
At our silver service training centre if they are banqueting or wine waiters.
At one of our housekeeping training centres if they are room attendants or cleaners.
5. They will complete relevant documentation outlining their COSHH and Health & Safety at Work responsibilities.

6. A full uniform check will be done to ensure that they have the correct uniform & equipment (ie knives for chefs) for the relevant job that they will be doing.

7. Finally we will take their bank details or arrange for a bank account to be opened for their salary to be paid into.